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Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Dearest Larry's Memorial Collage

I am just now posting this, because, I just wanted to share some of my Brother in Law with the world.  Here are his Memorial Collages. He was a truly loved man, He was a husband, father, brother,grandfather and an amazing person.  He is deeply missed and we mourn his passing and celebrate his life.

Also, I made these Mother's Day Collages for my Girls
After creating these collages, I made a black custom mat and framed them in a flat black frame


  1. These are beautiful! I'm working on my Papa's memorial collage and yours is simply beautiful. I'm wondering how you made the custom mat. Did you just get a mat board and cut each photo section out? Thanks for any insight!

  2. Thank you so much Christa, but, these photos were assembled using a photo collage program, sorry, I use several, so, I am not sure which one it was, possibly, wondershare, or photo collage maker pro. I just made sure that the background was black and organized the photos with a small space between each one, which gives it the illusion of being matted individually. I have a large format Canon printer which I used to print it on 13 x 19 inch photo paper. Then I cut a mat board to fit the 13 x 19 inch format and put it in a 16 x 20 frame. There are many photo collage programs out there, and also if you use picasa 3 by google, it has a collage option in it and if you don't have a large format printer, you can have your prints made online or take them to a walmart or photo center. It really did turn out beautifully. These were displayed at his funeral and really added a nice touch and brought so many smiles to all family and friends who loved and admired this amazing man.

    I am so sorry for your loss, but, hopefully, you will find, as I did, yourself smiling and recalling memories as you assemble the collage, it was not only a project I wanted to make for my sister, but, it turned out to be a wonderful thing for me too. God Bless!!


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