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Monday, January 13, 2020

Lullaby Cloud Lamp Kali Kloud | Etsy

Lullaby Cloud Lamp Kali Kloud | Etsy

This color changing pendant cloud lamp is just beautiful. I made one for my granddaughter who is 1 year old and just loves it. Not only does it play soothing calming music, but it makes for a super soft night light that makes her room have a soft glow.Her name is Kalian and that is why I have named them Kali Klouds as I was inspired to create something beautiful for her.

Now you can have your very own realistic cloud, just visit my Etsy Shop to get yours:  

The floating cloud hangs from an invisible monofilament line to give it a realistic look. It features a bluetooth speaker which allows you to play music from your favorite playlists on your bluetooth compatible device but, as a bonus you will receive a free USB flash drive that I have preloaded with your choice of nature sounds or lullaby renditions of some of our favorite rock music such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Hey Jude, Sweet Child o' Mine, etc. This beautiful relaxing color changing visual will soothe your baby to sleep and create a dreamy ambience to the room. I have preloaded enough music to last for hours and hours without having to tie up your bluetooth devices.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Addy's Got Some New Kicks!!

I have been sooo busy trying to do so many things that have to be done, I have neglected to do things that I WANT to do. My creativity has been stifled because I have been doing lots of home improvements, but, my Grand daughter Addison asked me to paint her new converse hi tops.  She said that everytime she looked down, she was blinded by the bright white glare, LOL!!  

Anyway, she asked me to do a dripping paint design. This is the first time I have attempted to paint someone's shoes, so, I was very afraid that I would mess them up.  But, Addy loves them, I love them, and now I can't stop painting and dying and drawing on these shoes.  Take a look!!

Well, I'll have to upload them later, I've got to find the photos so I can upload them here, but here are a couple of pairs of shoes I have done since:

Who doesn't love Snoopy!!

and oh myW gosh!! Spy VS Spy!!

These are mine~~I love wearing them!!

Right now, I am making some tie dye Hi Top Sneakers and I have ordered several pairs of infant hi top sneakers to paint.  I'll post 'em when I paint 'em!! 

Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hydrodipped Stainless Texans Koozie For Haberer Family Harvey Relief Fund | eBay

Help out a family in need and get an awesome Hydro dipped Bottle/Can Koozie with the Texans Logo.

Our Daughter and her children have been displaced out of her home because of Hurricane Harvey.  She is a single Mom and their home flooded, but was not in a flood prone area, so, there is no flood insurance. This is one of the coolest Stainless Steel Koozies that I have made and it was for a family member, (I'll have to make another for them).  I thought that maybe it could help raise some money to help her.  Thanks and Happy Bidding!!

My Grand Daughter, Nyah, looking over some of their losses.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Haberer Hurricane Harvey Relief

Well, it's been crazy here in Texas.  Somehow, my husband and I were spared the floods from Hurricane even though everyone surrounding us were under water.  We were truly blessed.  My daughter, Marinda, a single Mom, and her children, Jonathan, Nyah and Jacob, were not as fortunate.   I have a created a Go Fund Me Campaign to help her and her children rebuild their lives.  

Please share the link above to your family and friends to spread the word.  My daughter is a Realtor at the very beginning of her career and has no other income source, was not in a flood zone, so, did not have flood insurance.

No donation is too small.

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness in advance.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Backyard Builds

 Outdoor Table
 Outdoor Table, Bench, Pallet Table, Swing, on my Deck

 Work Bench for our Lapidary Work and Potting Plants


 Pallet Table
 Swing, Pallet Table, and Deck
 Pallet Table

 Deck off of my Patio

 Frame for my outdoor Shed and my little helper, Jacob

 Finished with the floor

 First little Resin Garden Box
 Bigger Better Garden Box

 Grape Arbor

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