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Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Sackbabies for my La Cuties

Nyah and I worked all day yesterday getting Addison and Cadence's SackBabies made. (inspired by little big planet) She helped me cut out the pattern pieces and while I sewed, Nyah designed her sackbaby a couple of new designer outfits and sewed them on the Singer Futura. She takes her sackbaby everywhere.  She asked me to make her one, so, we drew it up, cut it out, stitched it up and it came out so cute.  Jacob, not to be left out, had to have his own sack "dude".   He plays online with what he calls his "dudes".  Sooo cute.  Y'all saw Nyah's sackbaby, Jacobs SackDude, and Jonathans Uglybone in a previous post check out the archive.  Here are a few pics of Nyah and I working on Addison and Cadence's SackBabies.

Embroidering the faces

I hate when that Happens, Ran out of Bobbin thread!!

Jacob is offering his expertise
Sack Faces. I had to take a little time out to digitize before we could start.  When I made Nyah's, I neglected to create a digitized Sack Face and had to hand embroider it.  Ugggghhh, haven't done that in a really looooooooong time!
Yayyyyy!! Finished.
How'd I miss that one?

Do they look like Me!!
Okay, then, I'll look like them

Ahhhhhh! Inspiration!!

Sewing my SackBabies Designer outfit
Gotta get it Juuuust  Right . . .
Gotta sew some undergarments

Yeah! Future Designer

Oh Noooo!! Why are we lying here dismembered?

I have been here a looong time waithing to have my stockings repaird and my hair done, why are these weird little things being done before me!! Who can I send a letter to?
Yesssss! Suhweeeet!! I have been Beautified!!

I'm almost finished!!
Where are my stitches? I want stitches!! Why did you get stitched first?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sculptured Wire Wrapped Hand Pendant

 I sculpted this hand as usual "On A Whim" and I think that I am going to make another one, but, this time, my husband suggested that I place a cross in it.  I think that's a great idea.  Workin' on it!

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