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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Working Version of Tim Burton's "Pin Cushion Queen"

I just love all things Tim Burton, and I have the 8" Tim Burton's Tragic Toys Pin Cushion Queen.  I just love it, but, I wanted it to be an actual pin cushion, so here is my version of the Pin Cushion Queen.  I think I may make more pin cushions and putting them up in my shop.  I don't know, We'll see.

As usual, I make it up as I go along, so, again, I never know how the finished product will turn out, but, I really like the way she turned out.  Keep scrolling and you can see the process as it happened.


 The Process:

 I made an armature for the chair out of 14 awg copper wire and then used oven baked clay to make the chair

This was originally how I was going to leave it, I even used one of my swirl stamps to emboss the chair for more interest.

  Then, I had to figure out what would be a good item to use for the shape of the head . . . hmmm . . . OH YEAH! A tennis ball. . . Perfect!!
The armature for the body was copper wire and thicker aluminum wire. I also made the doll body out of paper clay instead of poly clay.


I decided to make some hands and shoes

 Tennis ball removed

I have filled the head with sand to keep the pins sharp and put the hands and shoes on.

I decided to upholster the chair in some stretchy glittery fabric that I use for my mermaid tails because the Queen just didn't look like a Queen on the lilac and baby blue chair.

I also added a little extra wire work with a cabachon to dress up the throne, a few extra little twists and curls of the wire and Voila', She had a beautiful sparkley throne.

Then I decided to make a dress and stockings for her instead of painting her dress and stockings.

I made her a crown from yellow felt and trimmed it out with a satin brocade trim, a diamond ring and rhinestones jewels to dress up the crown. 

I base coated the paper clay with gesso,  gave here rhinestone eyes, carved out the mouth and then painted on the stitches and dry brushed a little red around the stitches and very lightly dry brushed a little pink over her face.  I painted her shoes black.  I wrapped each leg in some very shiny gold lame'.  I thought that the stitched mouth was missing just a little something, so, I decided to bling the stitches with red rhinestones.  

And here they are . . . mine is bigger than the original, but, I needed the pin cushion to be a real usable size, so, yep, mine is bigger!!  Also, the sand gives it a substantial weight and balance and overall, it is a very sturdy awesome working pin cushion.

Thanks for stopping and taking the time to check out my post!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vintage Saturday Evening Post images-Cold War Era

I just love going through all of our Saturday Evening posts. Check out a few from 1947

I don't know what form of art these will take, but, you can bet it's gonna be cool! 

Oh Yeah! That's hot! 

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