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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Copper & Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Hand by ReneesOutOnAWhim

 Just listed some cuffs on Etsy! Check them out.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Copper Cuffs & Bracelets

Here are more of my copper cuffs.  Some are simply copper, some are copper and sterling silver, some are copper and base metals, and some are personalized.

This cuff is X-tra large, and extra heavy
 It is made from heavy gauge copper and I have attached some Tim Holtz metal embellishments.  They are attached with rivets.  The clock is not a working clock.
 These are the different sizes ranging from newborn infant to Extra Large
 View of the inside of the X-tra large bracelet.  It has my Out On A Whim mark stamped in the copper

  This little bracelet is for my Grandaughter, Cadence

Both of these are for my GrandDaughters

 This one has been heavily textured with a cross hatch design and I have added a Sterling Silver wavy strip

 The larger bracelet is copper with a 6 gauge copper wire strip across the face of it.
 The bracelet on the left is also heavily cross hatched, but it has a brass strip of wire as an accent
Here they are all together

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Larger Bracelets for Men and tiny Bracelets for Babies

I am having such a great time making these bracelets, learning a lot in the process too.  Here a few new ones.  I think I have it down now and can start listing some on Etsy and Artfire

 Two Larger Sized Bracelets
about 8".  The one on the right is for Cody, my Son.  The one on the Left is going up for sale.

 This piece has been heavily textured and I added a strip of 10 gauge brass wire for the accent piece.

Side View
 This is so cool, I have learned to create my own rivet joints using only a tiny piece of wire.  I love  attaching the accent piece like this.  It's so back in in the day, way, way, way, back in the day technique.  The Bracelet is copper, the Accent piece is brass, and the rivet is copper.

 Wow, this piece was a little harder to work.  I decided to try some 6 gauge copper wire for the accent strip. Man is that stuff stiff.

  Here is a close up shot of the rivet. 

I decided to make some baby bracelets. I put them with the larger bracelets so you could kind've see how tiny they are!!

 Okay, these are sooooo cute.   Shhhhhhh! These are for my new little cousins.

 Close up of Audrey's.  Okay, Okay, so the letters aren't exactly perfect.  I think it makes it look cuter.

 Brooke's Bracelet

 I am putting my stamp on the inside too.  Each bracelet is stamped with OOAW, Out On A Whim, so you know you are getting an original OOAW piece.

 Just an extra view

And another view.

These take a fair amount of time to make, but, I get to beat the heck out of stuff and nobody gets hurt, uhm, except when I smash my finger with the hanger. Now, that hurts!!

Update on My Studio!!

Finally, I saved up enough money in my paypal account to get our dream workbench that we have had our eyes on at Sams for years~~Here is a before and after Shot of where I make my jewelry.


So nice to be able to stay at one workspace instead of having to switch from one table to the next.  Everything I need is right at my fingertips, including my studio computer, which is great for following along with tutorials.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Studio, Oh my gosh!! How do I collect all this STUFF!!

Well, this is where I work. Have you EVER seen such a huge collection of everything.  What a mess, but, I never lack for inspiration and resources.  Gosh, please tell me that I am not the only one with such a messy studio.  I clean it up and mess it up. It's a vicious cycle!! It's my favorite place to be.  I spend lots and lots of hours in this room.  Poor Robert, I've pretty taken up most of the studio, he does still have a corner though!! He's so great!! Never complains about the mess or my ever encroaching presence on his space.

 One of our smaller work tables
 Our main work Table
 More books & Mags
Even More Books
and just a few more Books, lots and lots of Somerset Mags.  (I probably single handedly keep them in business)

and Yes!! EVEN MORE BOOKS.  I have been collecting all these books for as long as I can remember.  They are a neverending source of inspiration and resources.

 Back Wall
and this is just the inside studio, I have a garage full of supplies and equipment to access.  I am fortunate that I can just choose whatever I want to create and I probably have what I need to make it with.
back left corner
Like I said earlier, this is years and years of accumalation.  I guess that is why I appreciate it so much, it has taken many many years to get the equipment and supplies that we have, so, it is not taken for granted. It has all been collected in little bits and pieces, but it all makes for a lot of great resources to pull from.
It looks like a lot of junk, but, it is all utilized at some time or another.
So to all you crafters out there, Keep collecting, you never know what you may end up creating.

New Techniques, New Medium, Copper!!

Okay, out on another of my whims, I decided to try my hand at etching copper, and creating some copper jewelry.  I found this book "MetalWork Jewelry, 35 Step by Step projects inspired by Steampunk" by Linda Perterson.

  Anyway, I went to the hardware store and purchased some copper tubing, I had previously ordered some copper wire from Rio Grande. I also purchased the Muriatic acid, I already had peroxide.  Also, I used my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and purchased the Vintaj Big Kick, it came out to be around $60.00.  I have the Creatopia Shapz cartridge, but, it didn't even dent the 24 Gauge Copper plate so I decided to give the Vintaj Big Kick a try, besides, it is sooo cool looking. 

Anyway, I went to work, and yesterday, my son drove up and there was his mom in  a goofy apron, big blue rubber gloves, protective eye goggles, and a face mask.  I walked up to greet him, and wow, he didn't even comment on the get up.  That's my fam!! I couldn't help but laugh and through the mask, I said, "Well, I at least thought you would make a comment on my fashion statement!!"  They are so used to me doing weird and odd things, they don't even question anymore, "It's just Mom doing her thing"!! I love my family!!

Anyway, here are a few photos:

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