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Friday, April 13, 2012

Copper Cuffs & Bracelets

Here are more of my copper cuffs.  Some are simply copper, some are copper and sterling silver, some are copper and base metals, and some are personalized.

This cuff is X-tra large, and extra heavy
 It is made from heavy gauge copper and I have attached some Tim Holtz metal embellishments.  They are attached with rivets.  The clock is not a working clock.
 These are the different sizes ranging from newborn infant to Extra Large
 View of the inside of the X-tra large bracelet.  It has my Out On A Whim mark stamped in the copper

  This little bracelet is for my Grandaughter, Cadence

Both of these are for my GrandDaughters

 This one has been heavily textured with a cross hatch design and I have added a Sterling Silver wavy strip

 The larger bracelet is copper with a 6 gauge copper wire strip across the face of it.
 The bracelet on the left is also heavily cross hatched, but it has a brass strip of wire as an accent
Here they are all together

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