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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Techniques, New Medium, Copper!!

Okay, out on another of my whims, I decided to try my hand at etching copper, and creating some copper jewelry.  I found this book "MetalWork Jewelry, 35 Step by Step projects inspired by Steampunk" by Linda Perterson.

  Anyway, I went to the hardware store and purchased some copper tubing, I had previously ordered some copper wire from Rio Grande. I also purchased the Muriatic acid, I already had peroxide.  Also, I used my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and purchased the Vintaj Big Kick, it came out to be around $60.00.  I have the Creatopia Shapz cartridge, but, it didn't even dent the 24 Gauge Copper plate so I decided to give the Vintaj Big Kick a try, besides, it is sooo cool looking. 

Anyway, I went to work, and yesterday, my son drove up and there was his mom in  a goofy apron, big blue rubber gloves, protective eye goggles, and a face mask.  I walked up to greet him, and wow, he didn't even comment on the get up.  That's my fam!! I couldn't help but laugh and through the mask, I said, "Well, I at least thought you would make a comment on my fashion statement!!"  They are so used to me doing weird and odd things, they don't even question anymore, "It's just Mom doing her thing"!! I love my family!!

Anyway, here are a few photos:

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