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Monday, May 9, 2016

Springtime Backyard Blitz Builds

Floor for my Future Outdoor Shed.  For now after I build the floor, I will erect one of those Garage in a Box thingys so I can get move some of the stuff out of my garage so I can access my wood working tools without having to crawl over yard equipment . . Ugghhh!!  I sooo need a giant barn on some land with a small living space in one corner and the rest for all the things I love to do.
OMG!! Who know, this has turned into a full blown backyard building blitz!!

Deck Blocks

My Little Helper, Jacob - Check out his YouTube Channel:  JMaker2007
sooo cute!!

 This huge concrete ramp was here when we bought the property, and who knows what I was thinking when I placed the floor, cuz, I not only made it a couple of inches above the top of the ramp, I started it a foot or so away . . . duh, so, what to do, I just built a mini ramp to extend the concrete ramp. Worked!
 My Garage in a Box is only 12 X16, so I decked the front portion of the floor with treated deck boards because they would be exposed to the weather.  The rest will be protected by the portable shed.

Well, I've got some leftover decking boards and deck blocks, so on to a small deck off the back of the house patio

 Check it out . . . Looks great!!  

 More leftover pieces, so yeah, I think I'll build a replica of a swing/glider my Dad built but was so dilapidated after 
 25 years was unable to repair it so I used his swing as a template. I did manage to save his top decorative piece and put it on mine.  (See the green strip across the top) Yep, I like it.
So, I Stained and Sealed it in #WoodRx Chestnut Sealer and stain

Grand Daughter likes it too!!

Okay, onto my Square Foot Gardens

I bought this little garden box from Sams for 39.00, and thought it was a fair deal, 

Looks good, Right??
 but, then I thought, I can do sooo much better, so, I'm just gonna build my own. So I did.  And it IS sooo much better and for a mere 65.00, I was able to build this fashionable 3x the space square foot garden with a strawberry section. Yes, I'm quite proud of it:


 Stained and Sealed
Lined with heavy plastic and 
 added a Strawberry Section

Yeah!! That's Awesome!!
and the cost of the materials for the box . . . $63.00

Now, for my po' li'l Micro Vineyard . . . Uhmmm, I think it needs an arbor . . . well, let's do it!!

I was inspired by the Remodelaholic
Vegetable Garden Arbor DIY Plans remodelaholic

Supplies $63.00

Drilled holes for Bolts
 and stained

 First Section Up

Second Section Up and Connected to First Section

Wire attached and Seedless Concord Grapes Planted

Okay, his is fancier, but, I'm lovin' mine.  I need to add 4 more posts in order to make my tunnel walk way.  My plan is to gave a small walk thru tunnel under the grape vines. You will be able to enter and exit from the front and the sides.  In the main arbor entrance, I plan to build 2 benches facing each other.
Just thought I'd throw in my little mint patch for y'all, this smells sooooo good, chocolate mint, spearmint, and peppermint!! UUuuuhhhmmmmm, smells wonderful!!

I went on a building blitz. I started in april, but was unable to work for 10 days while I stayed with my grand kids house while their Mom was on a trip, and I came to a stopping point this past weekend.  Ran out of materials, Time for a Lumber run!!!!

I have put all of my Citrus Trees on the end of my new deck, I call it my Micro Orchard

Now for the real test:  Can I Keep them All Alive . . . Hopeful!!

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