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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Custom made Keepsake Wedding Guest Book

I have finished the Wedding Guest Book for a client and if I do say so myself, This one turned out beautifully. I work very closely with the client and with her ideas and input, we put together a fabulous book.  If you are interested in a really unique keepsake for your wedding, then check out my Etsy shop:

Now, on to the quilts, running short on time, we have had a double loss in our family, my sister's husband, Larry and my husband's brother, Gary.  It has been a great loss to us because we were very close, as a matter of fact, Larry started dating my sister when I was about eleven years old, my sister, Gay Beth and he have been married for 37 years, so he was actually my real brother, and Gary has been my brother in law for 20 years and he was also more of a brother than a brother in law.  They are missed so very much.  They passed away exactly 2 weeks apart, so it's been a rough go, hence, this is why my time is running out, so back to work!! We love you Larry and Gary! Our hearts are broken and we think of you every minute of every day, the joy that you brought to us and the fun times spent together.

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