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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Here, There Be Dragons!!

Okay, new whim, gonna make one of these awesome dragons designed by Melinda Small Patterson

I'll Keep you posted on the progress

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tie Dye, Skulls, and St. Patrick's Day! Whuuuuut!!!

Been working on some new graphic t shirt designs and had to make this year's St. Patrick's design.  Anyway, this design came out sooo cool and looks really good on the shirts.  It is a weird mix of St. Patrick's day, goth, grunge, skulls, and a line from the paranormal movie, "The Sixth Sense" . It does have a lot of green in it though, but it may not prevent you from getting pinched, but it is sure to draw attention to the wearer.

If you Like this Shirt, you can get yours in my My Etsy ShopMy Artfire Studio, or My Zibbet Shop

"I See Green People" okay, so, everybody knows where that came from, only one of my favorite paranormal movies.

Nyah's shirt for St. Patrick's day.  She can't wait for St. Patty's day so she can wear it.

This one is for the hubs

And, this one is for me!!

All of these except the frogs are for sale in my online stores. 

I designed this for my grandson, Jacob, and he got off with the shirt before I could take the actual pic of the t shirt.  Anyway, all I had was the image with the watermark.  Anyway, he saw my tribal flames images and immediately asked for the "Horse on Fire", but, he wanted it to look like his older sister's tie dye frog.

and last but not lease are the frog designs, Nyah, my granddaughter, had to have the tie dye, and of course Robert went with the more subdued look, he's so conservative, don't know how he handles my shenanigans!!

These designs are not created by me, so these are strictly for the hubs and my grand daughter. Since I didn't design them, I won't be selling any of the frog T shirts.
Untitled by *ReneeRutherford

Untitled by *ReneeRutherford

Untitled by *ReneeRutherford

Friday, March 1, 2013

Little Rebel Tribal Horse Flames T-Shirt for Kids

Well, grand kids are great, and even useful sometimes. (lol)  I love my littluns, and they sure come in handy for helping me decide what to put on t shirts and other things. Cuz, just like all younger kids, they are brutally honest.  Anyway, they really like this design, so, I have added it to my items for purchase on my Etsy Store, my Artfire Studio, and my Zibbet Store

Custom Designed Children's T Shirt

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