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Friday, July 4, 2014

Help us Fund Our New Studio - Become a Backer

Just Launched our O.O.A.W. KickStarter Campaign!!

Check it out, We are so excited, We finally clicked the "Launch Now" Button. Sooo Nervous!!  We are trying to raise funds to open a new O.O.A.W. Artist's Studio.  I have so much fun with my kids and grandkids working on projects, I thought, WoW!! My little ones are all growing up and it won't be long before they won't want to hang out with their 'Ne'Ne' so much! (of course, we all know that would NEVER, EVER, happen!!)  We should hold workshops for the kids in our area!! Then, I thought, but, the way my studio areas are spread out, upstairs, downstairs, garage, etc. it just wouldn't work.  So, someone suggested, why don't you try a KickStarter project??   Well, I did try it once, I said, not too successful, but, I really didn't think it out so well, it was for my TattBabies, a soft sculpture doll inspired by "Son's of Anarchy".  Mammaw (my grandmother) always said hind sight is 20/20 and looking back I realize now that TattBabies needed more than I was able to do. I would have needed a manufacturer because there would have been no way I could have sewn all of those babies by myself! So, not getting funded was really a blessing!  Anyway, Moving On.

Back to the "Our studio is scattered all over my house" issue.  We really need a place where everything is centrally located and also have a space where we can comfortably hold workshops for several children or adults.  We would need an open space for the tables and chairs and also for equipment and supplies needed to hold the workshops. 

Hey, by the way, I could use a little help with my Backer Rewards T Shirt Design, This is what I have so far, but, I would like to have a lead line above the image something along the lines of "I'm a backer" , but I really want something that includes kids, art, and crafts.  Or, maybe I'll just leave it.  But, if you come up with an idea I end up using on my shirt, I send you one for free!! 

So, here is our Kickstarter Project that will help us achieve our goal of a new studio.
Click to Back Our Project

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