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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Visual QR Code TShirt Examples

Just wanted to post a few photos of my own personal Visual QR Codes
I created these for Backer Rewards on Kickstarter

I am selling these Oh So Kewl T Shirts on Etsy.
Help make our Children's Workshops a reality.  My grandkids are all growing up and I have so much fun teaching them to make things that now I need to expand my Kid Pool.  That means offering workshops to kids in our community.   This will be a family operated studio with 3 generations, Mom-Me, Kids, and Grandkids.

These are just examples, you can send me your own image and info and I will make one for you!!

My Personal Blog QR

My Personal Blog T Shirt 

My Backer Rewards T Shirt For our Kickstarter Project

TShirts for the GK's (GrandKids)
I wanted to see how colors worked. White allows me to use a transfer that is very soft and most like a screen print.  I have to use an opaque transfer paper on the dark colors because as you can see on the pink, the transfer doesn't show up very well. When I print on darker colors I have to use the opaque paper, which means that print is printed on a very, very, very, thin piece of tshirt vinyl which is a solid white background.  It makes a great print, but it is not as soft as the white.
Experimenting with Colors (White works Best)
 I do put a smaller qr code print on the opaque paper on the backs of the shirts because sometimes the shadows and wrinkles and the lighting that you are while wearing it may make the large qr code harder to read, so, the smaller one is basically a backup for you.

Scan this and it will take you to the Kids Kreate

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