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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ransom Demand

So, I sent my daughter a ransom demand in order for her to get back my little sidekick, Jacob. It went a little something like this:

Jacob has been replaced by a weird lookalike creature. Marinda Haberer, If you want the real Jacob back, you must give us 10 miiiiiillllliion red suckers with smiley faces. No cops!!!

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Marinda Haberer Awe, he looks so pretty!! lol
Renee Rutherford We're not talking cuteness here, we are talkin'bout 10 miiiiiillllliion red suckers with smiley faces. You are running out of time!!!
Renee Rutherford Remember you have to give me 10 miiiiiillion, but these 3 will get you this:

Renee Rutherford We AIN'T PLAYIN'!
Marinda Haberer what are you doing to my baby??

So I Sent her this:

He's such a little trooper, he always cooperates with my silly ideas, but, this one was too cute!!

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