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Friday, September 13, 2013

Owl Pillow for my little neice Nayeli

Okay, so, I get this email from my neice Emily, and her daughter wants an owl pillow like she saw online.  I love requests like this, cuz it gives me a direction to work to instead of doing just whatever.  Anyway, I think it turned out pretty good.  The eyes may be a little big, but whatev!! I kind've oversized my eyes when I put my digitized design in my machine, should've left it how I digitized it, but, I enlarged them a little bit so he's got extra big eyes!! "All the better to see you with in the night" says the owl.  I call him hootie!

 These were some fabrics I had on hand, which would have worked, but I did go to Joann's Fabric Store and found some chevron striped fabric.

Heeeeeeeeres Hootie!!
He's about 18X18 inches, I think, I already sent off to Nayeli, and didn't think to measure him before he flew the coop (hee hee hee, pun intended)

My Version
Internet version
Thanks for the challenge, Nayeli, I hope you love your new pillow!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

More Cozies or Koozies for your Starbucks or Whatever!!

 Some of these may have already been posted, but, oh well, you get to see them again.

 I'll be making more of these apothecary label themes.  I'll be listing them on Etsy, Artfire, &  Zibbet,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Personalized Embroidered Leather Tall Coffe/Drink Cozies - Anatomical Heart, Cute Cat and Dragonfly, and Trains

Really having fun making these unique coffee cozies.  I have taken awesome embroidery designs and combined them to create one of a kind personalized items.  
These are for the taller size coffees.
In Process

Gene's Train

Button and Elastic Closures

Claribel's Cat

Button and Elastic Closure


Add caption

This one is for my Oldest Son, he will definitely have the coolest cozie At Memorial Hermann

I line all of my cozies

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Custom Embroidered Leather Samsung Galaxy Camera Case and Vampire/Vampyre Coffee or Drink Cozy

Well, here are a couple of new things I have made, a really cool custom embroidered leather coffee or drink cozy and for our anniversary, my hubs got me the awesome new Samsung Galaxy Wi Fi Camera, AWESOME!! It's android and it does everything but make the phone call.  I can take, edit and upload photos, check my facebook and google+, get my email, whatever, SO KEWL!! Anyway, here are some photos.  I made the cozy a couple of days ago, and made the camera case last night.

Cool Urban Threads Design embroidered and then trimmed to give a unique edge finish

Vampire Design - some people are using these as arm bands or cuffs too

I covered two buttons in the same leather as the cozy, looks good!!

Cozy wrapped around a large insulated drink glass

Lined with brown microsuede fabric


not sure if you can tell, but, that's a rose

The camera bag is for me, but, I'll be listing the Vampyre Cozy in my EtsyArtfire, and Bonanza Shops

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pool Hall Billiards Painting with EL Wire and Led Lights

Finally, I am able to show y'all the painting I did for my son Cody for his Birthday!! Whew!! I finished it, and it's only about 3 months late.  I call it BobbleHeads Billiards, cuz for some reason the heads on the people kept gettin' bigger and bigger, so, I just went with it.  Here are a few Pics.  

I think he really liked it.  He's Kewl like that!!

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy, Cody!! 

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