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Monday, January 19, 2015

Map Your Abandoned and Found Art

Map for Abandoned Art Locations

This little instructional should make it easier to mark your abandoned or found art:
1.  Click on this map and when it opens, click the edit button.
2.  Click on the section that applies to you: Left Art, Found Art, Even "Urban Threads" "Giving bunny" project: found on the  Urban Threads Blog
3.  Locate where you want to place your pin, click to place pin. VOILA!! Pin Placed!! 
4.  Edit the name and description of your pin and add a photo!! You're Done!!

Here are the Links for two Face book Art Abandonment pages.
(just for your info, these two sites are apparently not connected, I posted the map on both sites and was informed that it looked like I was linking the map to one of these sites, so, just for clarification, I made this map just for fun and it is not intended to associate itself to any page, community, etc.  It is strictly my own creation that came from my own experience of mapping Urban Threads Giving Bunnies locations.)

Art Abandonment on FaceBook

Art Abandonment Community on FaceBook

These are the Giving Bunny Icons for the map:

Left bunny Icon

Found Bunny Icon

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