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Monday, September 5, 2011

Awesome Leather Apocalyptic Fairy Wings

Well, my daughter has this great leather corset that she bought, it's beautiful.  She wanted to make a skirt to go with it so she could wear it to the Renaissance Festival.  As we were making the skirt, we thought, how cool would it be to make a set of wings, leather wings?  So we tried to find leather wings on the web to get an idea of how they would look.  But, no wings, none made from leather anyway.  So, we sat down and designed a pair ourselves, and here is the result. AWESOME, huh! We think so, here are some more pics:

  Here they are attached to the corset
Here they are as we were forming them

 and a little more shaping  We cut the designs and the grommet holes before we did any shaping

We were amazed at how great these came out, it was our very first time working with leather, as far as working with tooling leather and shaping and manipulating it.  We love how they turned out, Can you tell?


  1. Hi, these are fantastic. I want to make some myself, would it be ok if you gave me some advice on getting started? Thanks

    1. Sure, these were really fun to make, let me know what you would like to know and I'll try and help. This was our first pair, so I'm not exactly an expert, but, I'll do what I can.

    2. Wow, Thanks so much. I have never made them either so would need to know how much leather, what type, anything you could tell me. How did you get the shape to stay? I know even less than you so any info would be a great help. Thanks again.

  2. Oh sorry, that was me who posted anonymously before.

  3. Maybe it will be easier for you if I leave my e-mail.
    I know you're busy, so this may make correspondence a bit easier for you. No mad rush, just very interested in trying my hand at the wings. My own design of course. Thanks Renee

  4. I love love love your wings!! These are the perfect wings for my fairy costume!! I'm gonna start makin mine today! Thank you so much for sharing this idea and the how to pictures, you rock!
    Happy crafting,


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