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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quilts in the works!!

I'm so excited, I got an email from Marci, creator of "Children of the Inner Light" and she wants me to make her my little crib quilt!! Kewl!!  Also, some time earlier, I got an order for the Wedding quilt!!  AND 2 of my wooden wedding guest albums. Awesome!!  I am having to work a little harder to get these finished, but, that's okay,  Our family has lost 2 family members 2 weeks apart, My sister's husband, Larry, and my husband's brother, Gary.  It has been, words can't describe.  Anyway, suffice to say, that these two brothers are always in our hearts and thoughts and are so very missed.

The orders were all received within one and a half weeks before the tragic losses, so I am in overdrive trying to meet my deadlines.  I CAN DO IT!!

Here are a few pics:

Finished Keepsake Wedding Guest Book For Karen and Alan
Wedding Quilt for client's Daughter in progress
and how cool is this, The creator of these little guys has asked me to make her one of my crib quilts,
I am sooo excited to do this one

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