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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Larger Bracelets for Men and tiny Bracelets for Babies

I am having such a great time making these bracelets, learning a lot in the process too.  Here a few new ones.  I think I have it down now and can start listing some on Etsy and Artfire

 Two Larger Sized Bracelets
about 8".  The one on the right is for Cody, my Son.  The one on the Left is going up for sale.

 This piece has been heavily textured and I added a strip of 10 gauge brass wire for the accent piece.

Side View
 This is so cool, I have learned to create my own rivet joints using only a tiny piece of wire.  I love  attaching the accent piece like this.  It's so back in in the day, way, way, way, back in the day technique.  The Bracelet is copper, the Accent piece is brass, and the rivet is copper.

 Wow, this piece was a little harder to work.  I decided to try some 6 gauge copper wire for the accent strip. Man is that stuff stiff.

  Here is a close up shot of the rivet. 

I decided to make some baby bracelets. I put them with the larger bracelets so you could kind've see how tiny they are!!

 Okay, these are sooooo cute.   Shhhhhhh! These are for my new little cousins.

 Close up of Audrey's.  Okay, Okay, so the letters aren't exactly perfect.  I think it makes it look cuter.

 Brooke's Bracelet

 I am putting my stamp on the inside too.  Each bracelet is stamped with OOAW, Out On A Whim, so you know you are getting an original OOAW piece.

 Just an extra view

And another view.

These take a fair amount of time to make, but, I get to beat the heck out of stuff and nobody gets hurt, uhm, except when I smash my finger with the hanger. Now, that hurts!!

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