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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm about to launch "TattBabies"

I am launching my Out On A Whim "TattBabies"  Original soft Sculpture Dolls.  They will be personalized according to the client's wishes and will have little tattoos.  The face and tattoos will be machine embroidered.  The client may designate the skin color, a name, and the location of the tattoos, chest, arm, leg, ankle, lower back etc.  These are soft and cuddly and have jointed arms and legs.  They will have no small parts so they will be safe for even the tiny ones.  Each baby will come with a certificate of authenticity.  These little dolls came about by way of wanting to come up with something really original for a newborn baby gift.  I will have a website where TattBabies can be purchased.  It will be                                               

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