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Friday, August 24, 2012

Parr Patriots, HJ Hawks, and HSM Band Designer T's

Okay, so another school year is starting.  My daughter wanted t shirts for herself, her husband and their kids, so we came up with a great t shirt design. I also made a few designs for my family who live in Sour Lake and are in the Hardin Jefferson ISD.  These T's really turned out great.  Here are a few pics.

 Future Parr Patriot
Parr Dad
Par Mom
 Parr Patriots

Parr Patriots V Neck
 Parr Girl
 Our Little Parr Patriots
 Our Parr Girl
Parr Girl T
 Parr PTA

And now for my Nephews Henderson Middle School Band
Henderson Middle School Band

Henderson Middle School "Mini Red Machine"

and last but not least my High School , Hardin Jefferson High School.
I made these for my family members who attend and support HJ

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