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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mylar Wings for my Masks

Okay, here is my latest at an attempt to create my see thru wings.  I had never used mylar before, so, I was just winging it. (pun intended)  anyway, the mylar just fell out of the spaces because there was nothing to hold them in.  (Duh!)  So, I backed them with felt and that worked, and it looked okay, but I wanted some sheer wings.  Next idea, I'll digitize some lace and add them to the existing embroidery design.  (sounds simple, yeah, but, I don't know anything about digitizing)  Okay, I'm the type that will figure it out, so I did, and it worked.  This set has my lace insert, you really can't tell, cuz I used invisible thread, but, it's still not quite how I want it.  I'll update you on the progress .I am letting them dry with the stiffener right now, I'll let you how they turn out

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