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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit

After making "Steampunk Mickey", I had gotten my issue of "Art Doll Quarterly" (love, love, love) and I wanted to make a doll with the expressions on their faces like these had.
The Sad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and The White Rabbit

 Gail Lackey is the artist, and her work is amazing. Oh my gosh!! I just love her work and I am drawn to the sadder darker side of all things artistic.  So, when I saw these, I just fell in love.  Anyway, I decided to try and make my own little character.  I call him the "Sad Hatter".  He started out alone, but, just like everything I do, I had no idea at the time that I started that it would take on an "Alice in Wonderland" tone.  I'm a big fan of "American McGee's Alice" If you are familiar with that, then you know that it is a very dark version of "Alice in Wonderland"
  Of course, my little guy doesn't come anywhere close to her work, but, I still love how he turned out anyway. I also want to send out a thank you for her inspiration.
My little Grand Daughter, Nyah, helped a lot in this production, also.  Just look how focused she is.  She is beautiful.

Here he is with no hair yet, I had made his over sized mad hatter hat, but had not yet completed it yet. 
 His hand looks weird here, but, originally, I had wanted to make a little stick pony, and I've never done hands in clay before, so, give me a break! Okay!

I had found some beautiful velvet fabric, but, not planning ahead, I had to sew them onto his body because his feet and hands were too big to make the clothes and them put them on.  (oops!
 I found some great yarn for his hair, and some organza ribbon for his tie and his cumberbun.

Adding Embellishments to the Hat.  

Added a few feathers and matching organza ribbon for the hat band

Hat is finished except for the handmade hat pins, but, it's soooo cool!!
The Sad Hatter wouldn't be complete without the Cheshire Cat.  Thanks so much to Artapli for this awsome cheshire cat face embroidery design.  I had tried to make another cat from a pattern I had purchased, but, I couldn't get it to work out, so, I just designed my own. This one is sooo tiny.

Oh, we can't forget the White Rabbit, This poor rabbit has been through the mill, he's lookin' a little rough araound the edges.  (On Purpose!! LOL!!)
Oh, I forgot the locket and the watch!  Thanks also to VectoriaDesigns for her awesome graphics designs. Love them and now I  have a bunch of her designs. 

Anyway, say hello to my little Sad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and The White Rabbit!!

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