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Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Bad Vet Trip

This is my li'l baby Trinity.  She is the only survivor of a litter of puppies from a really tiny mother.  She is now 2 years old.  I took her to the vet for her shots, and, again, she came back with issues.She came back all swelled up on both sides. I guess it was really bother her because She started licking these areas until they became scabby (yes even though she had some diphenhidramine) Anyway, I called my sister because she had made these cute little sweaters for her dog when she was a puppy and I thought that it would be perfect to prevent her from further aggravating these areas.  Anyway, I used a crocheted sock of mine and cut open the toe and cut two holes for her legs and it works perfectly, sooo much better than one of those ridiculous collars.  How cute is She!!!  So Far, So Good, She can't get to the areas.

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