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Friday, October 16, 2009

New black and white Crib Quilt Project

My neighbor is having her second child and I have decided to make something very special for her new baby.  It is a quilt featuring  "Children of the Inner Light" embroideries.  I just love these little people.  They are right there on the top of my favorites list.  Anyway, I love this mag called "Quilting and Embroidery" again at the top of my favorites list, unfortunately, it is very hard to find and I am not sure if it will even be in publication any more, what a shame. Anyway, there was a red and white quilt with some redwork designs on it and that is  the quilt design I chose to try and do except that I am making it black and white and the different embroideries.  These are photos of the quilt on the design wall.  I got it all cut out and now I just have to sew it all together.  I'll keep you updated as it comes along.

  Oh, Yeah, I love my design wqll.  Very simple, you just need a large wall to put it on.  I used felt and tacked it in several places on the wall.  The fabric sticks to it very well, but if you have a fan or something stirring the air, you might want to spray it with a light coat of quilting adhesive or applique adhesive.  This has been great for me to arrange my pieces.  I'm relatively new to this quilting thing, so I am still learning a lot of tips and tricks.

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