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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Awesome DIY Work Bench

8' X 3' DIY Work Bench made with 2x12's and 2x4's and  "2x4 Basics" leg and shelf kit.

We also do lapidary work and my hubs inherited a bunch of rough rock from his Grandfather, but, it's been in boxes in the garage.  I designed the top of the bench to hold that and our geodes.

Robert couldn't wait to put the rock saw on it.

OOoh! I forgot about my picnic table I made with some deck boards.  Niiiice!!

Yeah, I need to either paint the concrete cuz I'm messy, or, I need to get out my castle rock molds and make a nice stone floor.

I did have some help from the hubs on this project.  Bless his heart, he's not been feeling well, but, he managed to screw in some screws.

The Top and bottom shelf is made from 2x12's

These are the "2x4 basics legs, these are awesome!!

Adding the shelf kit, yes, the bottom pieces are upside down, I did that for some reason that I don't remember.  I think I was thinking it would be better to hold the weight of the 2x12's and the rocks that would be on the top.



Yeah, I love it.

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