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Friday, August 21, 2009

The stranger, the better

I just love to make weird off the wall things, so, this is my version of a boo boo doll that I saw somewhere and decided to make it for my little grandaughters Nyah and Addison. Okay, Okay, so it's not perfect, it's not meant to be. They just love this weird little doll. This little doll looks like she has fallen off the see saw and got hit with it in the process. Anyway, they really love it. Just look at the faces of these little girls when they see this little doll come out of the bag. They couldn't stop laughing. I love it!! I also made them little quilts. The birthday quilt came from a magazine called "quilting and embroidery" My very favorite quilting magazine, but, I personalized it for Nyah's Birthday, The li'l sisters quilt just kind've evolved. Most of the things I make start with an idea, but ends up totally unexpected, I like it that way. Show me some of your stuff, guys, I would love to see it.

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